Toast Instructions/Flowchart

Step by step guide for making toast


  1. Retrieve a plate from the cupboard and place it on a table
  2. Pick type of bread
  3. Grab slice of bread from loaf
  4. Is the slice of bread free of mould?
  5. Place the slice of bread onto the plate
  6. Find the nearest power outlet
  7. Plug toaster into the outlet and switch it on
  8. Set the timer on the toaster according to how golden you want your bread to be
  9. Slot the slice of bread into the toaster
  10. Push down the lever to insert the bread into the toaster to begin toasting
  11. Keep your eye on the toaster to ensure the bread does not burn
  12. Allow bread to spring back up
  13. Remove slice of toast from toaster with caution as it may still be quite hot
  14. Place the toast on your plate, switch off the power outlet and remove the plug
  15. Enjoy