About This Blog

This blog follows my adventures and accomplishments achieved throughout the Interactive Digital Media subject. You will be able to find lecture notes as the first menu option, consisting of summaries and reflections construed from the informative and thorough lecture pods created by the unit’s tutors. An interactive interface precedent can also be outlined as the second menu option, where you will be able to access an in depth analysis of the music streaming application ‘Spotify’. If need be, the provision of definitions in conjunction with supporting examples are accessible when attempting to further comprehend the functions of both ‘interactive design’ and ‘instructional design’. Weekly classwork activities have been recorded and reciprocated to outline conventional design processes and their impact on interactive project production. Furthermore, if you seek to educate yourself on the topic in more depth, the links provided will guide you to informative and insightful websites where you will be able to continue your research. 

About Me

Hi! My name is Emma and I am currently a student completing a Bachelor of Visual Communications (Design) degree at Western Sydney University. I have always been creative and had a passion for drawing and design from a young age. Throughout my schooling life, I was always known as the artsy kid and always knew that design and creativity was the path I wanted to follow for the rest of my life. I am currently searching for an internship within the field, in order to gain industry experience and enter the work force with a sound amount of knowledge of what I am getting myself into. I have chosen to pursue a career in design as I feel that I will be able to effectively utilise my creativity through my profession.